Extraction arms improve industrial environment

Flextraction Ltd, the authorised UK representative of Fumex AB in Sweden, has developed a range of extraction arms for fume extraction, designed to create a better environment in the workplace during welding and other industrial applications.

The PR 1500, PR 2000, PR3000 and PR 4000 range of extraction arms have a completely new design and feature a working radius ranging from 1150 mm–3600 mm, when mounted at a height of 2.0m and being used at a working height of 750mm. They are easy to manoeuvre into the exact position where extraction is required and they are stable when positioned.

The arms, which are available with or without LED lighting in the hood, meet the EU standard for the extraction of welding fumes. They are available in 1.5m, 2m, 3m and 4 m lengths in a diameter of 160 mm extracting welding fumes at 18 m/s.

The standard hose is made of spring coil steel embedded in PVC coated polyamide fabric.

The arm is delivered partly assembled with a wall bracket for easy installation with all steel components being powder coated. Brackets for ceiling and floor mounting are also available.