Eurocarb Products completes initial process of REACH registration for Activated Carbon

In order to achieve REACH registration, it was necessary to create a large dossier of technical and safety information, to allow correct classification of Activated Carbon and identify safe uses, impurity levels and any hazards. The industry group Activated Carbon Producers Association (ACPA) cooperated in this work, forming a consortium during 2009 to coordinate all the necessary testing and data gathering. Eurocarb Products Ltd has actively participated in the technical and steering committees of this group.

During the research, it was found that activated carbon would have to be divided into two substances, due to some significant differences in basic properties. These two substances are: AC-HDS: High skeletal density carbon, typically produced by steam activation, and AC-LDS: Low skeletal density carbon, typically produced by chemical activation. For substances manufactured or imported in quantities greater than 1,000 tonnes annually, the deadline for registration was 1st December 2010. If registration is not completed, further manufacturing or trading is not permitted. For substances in quantities from 100 to 1,000 tonnes, the deadline for registration is 1st June 2013.

Nearly all of Eurocarb’s products fall into the AC-HDS (steam activated) category, however, Eurocarb has decided to register both substances from the start in order to ensure clarity for all of our customers. The registration numbers are: 01-2119488894-16-0010 for AC-HDS and 01-2119488716-22-0005 for AC-LDS.