Eriez to showcase Shred1 Ballistic Metal Separator at Summit

Eriez announces its participation in the highly anticipated 2nd European Green Steel Summit 2024.

Shred1 Ballistic Metal Separator
Shred1 Ballistic Metal Separator

Darrell Milton, Eriez Global Market Manager-Heavy Industry, will deliver a presentation highlighting the capabilities of Eriez' Shred Ballistic Metal Separator and its role in producing premium low-copper shred for steel manufacturing. 

As a Gold Sponsor, Eriez will hold a pivotal position at the Summit, taking place on March 13 and 14, 2024, in Düsseldorf, Germany. “This event offers an excellent opportunity for our team to exchange knowledge with key stakeholders in the global steel market,” says Milton. “We especially look forward to shining a light on the Shred1 and its capacity to positively shape the landscape of the European steel industry." 

The innovative Eriez Shred1 Ballistic Separator uses magnets and ballistics to efficiently separate copper-bearing materials from shredded steel recovered by scrap drum magnets. This unique separator yields two distinct fractions: a premium low-copper ferrous product (in the range of 0.16-0.20% cu) and a traditional #2 shred.  

By incorporating Shred1 technology, the proportion of low-copper shredded scrap within steel blends is significantly enhanced, resulting in a reduction in the cost per ton of steel produced by mills. Furthermore, this superior-grade shred empowers scrap yards to demand a premium price, generating economic advantages for all parties involved.