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Eriez introduces easy-to-clean round spout separators

Eriez announces the expansion of its grate magnet product line with the addition of Easy-to-Clean Round Spout Magnetic Separators. These separators feature a lower profile streamlined design that is half the height of standard units, eliminating the need for square-to-round adapters on the inlet and outlet ports, allowing easier inline installation and more efficient flow of material.

Eriez Round Spout Separators are available with manual easy-to-clean or automatic easy-to-clean functionality. The manual easy-to-clean design provides for a push/pull operation to strip accumulated tramp metal from the grates without physically handling the magnet. The automatic easy-to-clean version uses a set of pneumatic cylinders to automatically clean the magnetic grates at the touch of a pushbutton or timer control.

“With the easy to clean design, operators can quickly remove accumulated tramp iron. The automatic easy-to-clean design allows for installation of this equipment in hard-to-reach places while cleaning the magnet at the push of a button,” says Eriez Separation Product Manager Chris Ramsdell. He adds, “Keeping a magnet clean ensures peak performance.”

Round Spout Separators use permanent magnetic grate magnets to remove ferrous contamination in hoppers, chutes, floor openings and other applications for dry and free flowing bulk materials. These powerful magnets are made to fit round chutes and the low-profile design enables installation in areas where vertical space is at a premium.

Customers can select from ceramic or rare earth magnets, giving them the ability to choose the ideal level of magnetic protection for the specific application. Swing bolt construction offers easy access to magnets.

Rare earth and Xtreme rare earth models can withstand temperatures up to 150 F. Higher temperature rare earth units are also available.

These Round Spout Separators feature a 304 stainless steel dust-tight construction, a “ladder” style design and glass bead surface finish. Sanitary construction is optional.