Eriez introduces DSC grate magnet with advanced modular design

The Eriez easy to clean DSC Grate in Housing Magnet.
The Eriez easy to clean DSC Grate in Housing Magnet.

According to Eriez, dust-tight construction was the company’s central focus when developing this magnet.  It says that the DSC handles fine powders better and some head velocity pressure while maintaining a positive seal.

The standard housing on this new magnet is sanitary on the interior.  Eriez also provides customized options to meet customers’ specific needs, including sanitary-welded tie bars.

Eriez designed the new Easy to Clean DSC Grate in Housing Magnet primarily for two groups of customers: those who find they’re cleaning their magnet more frequently than expected due to heavy contamination removal and those who simply are not cleaning their magnet enough and need to improve that frequency.

This separator’s innovative design allows customers to purchase a manual clean unit that can later be easily upgraded to an automatic cleaning unit with simple hand tools and a bolt-on kit.