Envirogen builds first biological drinking water treatment plant for perchlorate removal

The new plant, which will be installed at WVWD headquarters in Rialto, will treat perchlorate and nitrate from groundwater, producing up to 3 million gallons per day of quality drinking water.

The new facility will consist of Envirogen’s fluidized bed bioreactor (FBR) followed by a surface water treatment plant to polish the effluent to potable water standards.

Dr Todd Webster, director, Western Region for Envirogen and a key developer of the FBR technology, said that while the Rialto plant uses proven technology it will be the first of its kind to produce drinking water.

“In Rialto, we’ve taken a ‘mature’ technology to its next logical step -- the production of quality potable water from heavily perchlorate-laden groundwater via biological means,” said Dr Webster.