Energy Recovery supplies PX devices for desalination plant in Israel

“The adoption of ERI’s PX devices at desalination plants in Hadera and now Palmachim validate the significant cost and environmental benefits provided by isobaric energy recovery devices,” said Borja Blanco, senior vice president of Energy Recovery Inc. “Seawater desalination is only a viable solution to a water crisis, if costs and energy use can be kept down, and the continued roll-out of ERI’s PX devices at plants throughout Israel demonstrates the tremendous impact the technology has on the bottom line,” added Blanco. 

Energy Recovery Inc's PX Pressure Exchanger device is a rotary positive displacement pump that recovers energy from the high pressure reject stream of seawater reverse osmosis systems at up to 98% efficiency. There are currently more than 6700 PX devices deployed or under contract to be installed at desalination plants around the world.