ELGA Process Water reduces UK dairy's water footprint

Robert Wiseman supplies 30% of all the milk consumed in the UK and its Bridgwater dairy can process 1.25 million litres of milk every day. Bridgwater produces about 400 m3/day of process wastewater which is treated and then discharged. Now 200 m3/day of that process wastewater is recovered by reverse osmosis and recycled for use in the dairy.

ELGA Process Water’s MegaRO reverse osmosis technology uses a membrane to remove 99% of residual COD, dissolved salts and bacteria from the treated wastewater at the dairy.

“Because the operating cost of the MegaRO is low, the recovered water actually costs less than mains water even after including capital amortisation. We expect to get a payback on the £130 000 investment in about 2 and half years,” said project manager Eleanor Walton.

ELGA Process Water is a Veolia Water & Solutions company.