Eco-Tec expands manufacturing facility

The company will add approximately 17 000 sq ft of state-of-the-art production space to its current 32 080 sq ft facility. The new space will increase Eco-Tec’s capabilities in welding, material handling, sand blasting and painting for ion exchange/micro media filtration products.

The expansion will also allow Eco-Tec to build more of its components in-house, giving the company greater control over its equipment and parts.

The investment is in response to growing orders for large-scale equipment from worldwide clients in the oil and gas, power generation and metal finishing/refining industries.

“This expansion will allow us to become an even stronger leader in the marketplace and give us the ability to provide larger-scale products that will meet growing demand,” said Dr Phillip (Rocky) Simmons, Eco-Tec president and CEO.

Work on expanding Eco-Tec’s facility will start immediately and is scheduled for completion in April 2014.