H2O Innovation opens manufacturing plant in India

The recently inaugurated 10 000 sq ft manufacturing plant will offer detailed engineering, assembly, welding, pipe fitting, in-house performance testing and programming. It will also enable H2O Innovation India to have better control of its delivery schedule. The capital expenditure incurred to build the plant has been assumed by Chembond, and H2O Innovation India has entered into a lease agreement with Chembond.

The plant’s manufacturing capabilities are equivalent to H2O Innovation’s plants in Ham-Nord, Quebec and in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Set up in February 2010, H2O Innovation India is a joint venture between Chembond Chemicals Ltd of Mumbai (51%) and H2O Innovation (49%). During its first year of operation, H2O Innovation India secured C$4.2 million in bookings of water treatment systems and equipment for industrial Indian customers. H2O Innovation India’s sales backlog currently stands at C$2.6 million for Indian projects only.