Eastman introduces new microfibre platform

Eastman says that the microfibres platform makes new nonwoven solutions possible for media and component manufacturers and OEMs.Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibres offer tuneable fibre properties of size, shape and material that provide the wet-laid nonwoven producers with new options. The company adds that the microfibres have demonstrated nearly drop-in compatibility with existing wet-laid nonwoven processes. Customers have the potential to use Cyphrex microfibers in such markets as air, water or fuel filtration; speciality papers; and battery separators. “The technology behind Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibres and the functionality it enables is unique and revolutionary, unlike anything else on the market,” said Mark J. Costa, executive vice president, Eastman Chemical Company. “These microfibres unlock possibilities that provide innovation in the nonwovens marketplace by allowing cost-effective access to a previously unavailable size range of highly uniform synthetic fibres. Consequently, we believe these new possibilities will result in breakthrough product performance, quality and value for speciality nonwovens.”Eastman says it has invested in growing its application development expertise to help address specific customer and market needs. This experience, combined with the capability to manipulate the size, shape and material of Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibres, enables market-changing solutions for a new level of performance. According to Eastman, Cyphrex™ microfibres, which are less than 5 microns in diameter, deliver a high surface-to-mass ratio and offer a narrow diameter distribution. They provide the option of fibre cross-sections in shapes such as round, flat and wedge. The fibre material can consist of different polymer types, such as PET, PP and nylon, and has consistent properties that enable unprecedented formulations and design flexibility. The ability to customize size, shape and material offers functional and competitive advantages for nonwovens media in areas such as strength, uniformity and targeted permeability.