DuPont launches nanofiltration membrane elements for lithium-brine purification

DuPont has commercially launched the new DuPont FilmTec LiNE-XD nanofiltration membrane elements for lithium brine purification.

Brine pools for lithium mining.
Brine pools for lithium mining. - Image © Cavan - Adobe Stock.

The FilmTec LiNE-XD and LiNE-XD HP are DuPont’s first product offerings dedicated to lithium brine purification. FilmTec LiNE-XD’s nanofiltration membrane elements feature advanced membrane chemistry to support direct lithium extraction (DLE) operations, which enable lithium production from more sustainable and accessible sources.

“As the world seeks to power devices from smartphones to electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries, FilmTec LiNE-XD elements can help enable lithium production from resources such as salt lake brine, geothermal brine, and surface and sub-surface clay,” said Alan Chan, Global Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Water Solutions.

“Our customers came to us with the challenge of making lithium brine processing more efficient and environmentally friendly,” said Verónica Garcia Molina, Global Marketing Leader, Industrial Water & Energy, DuPont Water Solutions. “In addition to being able to extract lithium from more sustainable sources, our FilmTec LiNE-XD can also enable more cost-effective extraction from lower grades of brine or even claystone.”