Dow Venture Capital invests in Clean Filtration Technologies

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Clean Filtration Technologies is behind the Turboclone hydroclone system, a water filtration device designed to reduce total suspended solids from difficult to filter water. Through their investment in Clean Filtration Technologies, Dow Venture Capital and Dow Water & Process Solutions are able to utilise the potential of the Turboclone hydroclone system.  

Commercial sales of Clean Filtration Technologies’ Turboclone hydroclone systems will be available in the second half of 2010 for customers in the USA and Mexico. 

John Mallard, CEO, Clean Filtration Technologies said: “We are delighted that Dow recognizes that the CFT (Clean Filtration Technologies) Turboclone filtration system has the potential to make a major and sustainable impact on the industry. This investment by Dow enables us to accelerate our full commercial introduction of this exciting new technology. We welcome the opportunity to work with Dow in this area.” 

An additional and final closing is anticipated in 2010, bringing Dow Venture Capital’s total investment in Clean Filtration Technologies to $3 million.