Dow film technology used in Mongolian treatment plant

The plant, which cost a total investment of RMB270 million, is located in the Dalateqi of Ordos, covering an area of approximately 200 acres. Starting construction in 2009, it is a supporting project of the 200,000-ton central urban water supply project built by Ordos to meet demand in the Dongsheng District. At present, drinking water supplied daily by phase I of this plant is 100,000 m3 and after completion, the plant will become the main drinking water supplier for the one million population in Ordos’s central urban area.

The plant has adopted the latest model of Dow’s ultrafiltration film module Ultrafiltration DOW SFP-2880 and nanofiltration film module FILMTEC Nanofiltration NF90-400 to purify local underground raw water resources containing traces of pollutants. The capacity of the two modules can reach 5,396 m3/hr and 2,083 m3/hr respectively. The two sets work together in order to reach the best filtration and purification effects. By assistance of the traditional coagulation filtration technology, precipitation filtration technology and granular activated carbon filtration technology, safe and reliable drinking water is guaranteed for local residents. Through this series of filtration processes, the quality of water from the plant has already completely reached the Hygiene Standards of Drinking Water (GB5749-2006) issued latest by the country.

In recent years, Ordos of Inner Mongolia has already become one of the prefecture-level cities with the fastest growth in China. Due to its location in the deep desert hinterland of Inner Mongolia and lack of rain throughout the year, Ordos faces severe water shortages. Before the rise of the coal and chemical economy, local economic development was relatively slow, leading to a backward infrastructure. With the rapid economic development of Ordos, there has been a substantial increase in the life quality of local residents, which also raised the requirements on the quality of drinking water.

“Dow feels proud of being able to provide advanced and quality technical support of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration to this project that brings benefit to people,” said Dr. Wang Xiaolan, commercial director of the Asia-Pacific region, Dow Water & Process Solutions. “We will provide clean and safe drinking water through advanced water purification technology. To help Chinese residents enjoying a healthier life is the objective that the enterprise strives for.”