Donaldson’s dust collector with oval cartridges

Donaldson engineers have developed a filter cartridge in the shape of a rounded triangle. These 'triagonal' cartridge filters with Ultra-WebR filter media guarantee perfect  airflow conditions and the filter cakes can be removed effectively using the automatic, compressed air-saving 'MaxPulse' pulse cleaning system.

In addition, the new design of the filter cartridges result in more compact dimensions for the dust collector and give a high output density. Depending on the application, the number of cartridges can be reduced by up to 40% in comparison with conventional cartridge filter systems. The quick release fasteners on the 'triagonal' cartridge filters can be opened and closed at a touch without any tools.

The DownFlo Evolution dust collector was developed in accordance with practical needs and allows use in a wide spectrum of applications, from the pharmaceutical and food industries; metal and glass processing; to laser cutting technology for volumetric flows from 2,500 - 150,000 m3/h.