Donaldson sells 1000th Downflo Evolution dust collector

“We set out to meet our customers’ demands for effective filtration with a lower cost of ownership,” said John Woolever, Market Specialist Manager at Donaldson. “With advanced airflow management, breakthrough cleaning, and an innovative new filter design, the Downflo Evolution collector delivers better air circulation, fewer filters, and easier maintenance. Our customers have loved the new design and have gotten on board.”

Donaldson says that the collector’s smaller footprint and reduced energy consumption have helped drive demand within the metal fabrication, pharmaceutical, mining, grain food, and bulk powder handling industries.

“Customer feedback was incorporated into each phase of development,” said Woolever. “So selling the 1000th collector is a true affirmation of how listening to your customers pays dividends. We will continue to evolve the DFE as our customers’ needs change.”

Donaldson’s Downflo Evolution collectors are being installed at a rate of approximately 450 per year throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North Africa regions.