Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024: A cleaner, greener future

The Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024, which takes place 18–19 June in Uxbridge, UK, will bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and experts, to shape the future of sustainable energy solutions.

Pools for the extraction of lithium in Salinas Grandes, Jujuy, Argentina
Pools for the extraction of lithium in Salinas Grandes, Jujuy, Argentina - Image © Guillermo - Adobe Stock.

The event promises to be a hub of cutting-edge technology, providing invaluable insights and crucial networking opportunities in lithium extraction.

Attendees will be a diverse blend of seasoned veterans and trailblazing innovators, united by a common goal to drive forward the energy transition through lithium extraction.

Distinguished speakers, ready to share their expertise and insights on the latest advancements in the lithium extraction, include:

  • Dr Francis Wedin, executive chairman, Vulcan Energy Resources
  • Simon Gardner-Bond, chief technical officer, TechMet Limited

  • Simon Aldrich, senior consultant (Environment & Sustainability) Africa, Europe & Middle East, Hatch

  • Mark Harris, senior process engineer, Cornish Lithium Ltd

  • Peter Ehren, chief technology officer and founder, Lithium Ark Holding BV

  • Gordon Klein, CFO, CleanTech Lithium PLC

  • Peter Voigt, CEO, Clean TeQ Water

  • Walter Weinig, discipline leader Hydrogeology and Mine Closure, Stantec

  • Pierre Krips, senior water specialist, LightOre GmbH

  • David Deak, chief development officer, ILiAD Technologies

  • Richard Thompson, project manager, Cornish Lithium Ltd

  • Siddarth Subramani, global director, Lithium, Hatch

  • Maxim Irishkin, commercial director, Axion-Rare and Noble Metals JSC

  • Dmitry Tseitlin, co-founder and VP business development, XtraLit Ltd

  • Dr Jindui Hong, technology leader – DLE, SENFI UK - a SCG Chemicals company

  • Assoc Prof Amir Razmjou, leader of Mineral Recovery Research Centre, School of Engineering, Edith Cowan University; member of board of director, Membrane Society of Australasia; editorial board member of Desalination and Journal of Water Process Engineering, Elsevier

  • Keerti Shukla, business development manager, Lilac Solutions Inc

  • Christopher Jones, strategic trends manager, Advanced Propulsion Centre UK

  • Chris Gibson, sales director EMEA, Johnson Screens

  • Toni Laurila, CEO, Sensmet Ltd


This is a sponsored article on behalf of the Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024.