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Shaping tomorrow: Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024

The UK town of Uxbridge will host the Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024 on 18–19 June.

Lithium fields in the Atacama desert in Chile, South America
Lithium fields in the Atacama desert in Chile, South America - Image © freedom_wanted - Adobe Stock.

With the eyes of the world fixed on the urgent transition to renewable energy, this summit will be a pivotal event, offering access to cutting-edge technology, invaluable insights, and vital networking opportunities within the rapidly evolving lithium extraction landscape.

From seasoned industry veterans to eager innovators, the summit will welcome a diverse range of participants, each driven by a shared mission: to propel the energy transition forward through the lens of lithium extraction.

The conference is curated to showcase the latest advancements in direct lithium extraction (DLE). Dr John Burba, the founder, chairman, and chief technology officer (CTO) of International Battery Metals Ltd, will present on ion-targeting direct extraction (iTDE), unraveling its myriad applications and advancements.

Mark Harris of Cornish Lithium Ltd will focus on the groundbreaking direct lithium extraction test work with Cornish geothermal brines, while Peter Ehren, the CTO and founder of Lithium Ark Holding BV, will provide insights into the transformative potential of the lithium chloride deal.

Discussions will range from strategic solutions for environmental excellence to the delicate balance between technological progress and sustainability in DLE, moderated by industry stalwarts like Steve Kesler and Peter Ehren.

There will also be sessions covering advancements in nanofiltration techniques, the hidden role of chloride in DLE, and the catalyzing fusion of water and oil/gas wells for lithium extraction, presented by experts including Dr Jindui Hong and Chris Gibson.

The summit will culminate with panel discussions, dissecting the pivotal role of lithium extraction in shaping a sustainable future energy landscape and navigating the environmental and regulatory challenges inherent in the pursuit of greener technologies.


This is a sponsored article on behalf of the Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024.