De.mem secures first order for graphene oxide enhanced membrane

Australian-Singaporean water and wastewater treatment company De.mem Ltd has received the first sales contract for its recently developed graphene oxide (GO) enhanced membrane technology.

The order, which is worth approximately A$55,000, is De.mem’s first commercial quantity of GO enhanced membrane cartridges supplied to a customer.

Based on the order, De.mem will supply its GO enhanced membrane cartridges to Grafoid, Canada, the parent company of Purafy, Canada. Grafoid/Purafy is De.mem’s partner for domestic water treatment applications in North America.

The membrane cartridges will be deployed by Grafoid/Purafy for applications that do not require  National Sanitary Foundation (NSFR) approval. Upcoming NSF approval is expected to further increase the addressable market for De.mem.

"We are very pleased to receive the first commercial order for our graphene-oxide enhanced membrane,” said Andreas Kroell, De.mem CEO. “As the order confirms, the technology meets a significant market demand. With the certification for drinking water applications in the USA, which we expect to complete shortly, we will open up significant additional market and revenue potential for our company.”