Delbag and Nordic Air brands consolidated into Hengst Filtration

Hengst is bringing together its Delbag and Nordic Air Filtration brands under the umbrella brand Hengst Filtration.

Hengst CEO Christopher Heine (left) and Marketing Director Christoph Schings (right)
Hengst CEO Christopher Heine (left) and Marketing Director Christoph Schings (right) - Image copyright Hengst Filtration.

“With the know-how of Delbag and Nordic Air Filtration and the resources of the entire Hengst Group, we are developing pioneering solutions for state-of-the-art air filtration. The Hengst Filtration brand will also stand for quality, innovation and commitment in the field of air filtration – for a clean future and a pure planet,” explains Christopher Heine, CEO of Hengst SE.

In recent years, Delbag and Nordic Air Filtration have embarked on a common mission to develop sustainable and energy-efficient products. Delbag’s new HEPA filters MacroPur PRO and AbsoPur PRO, for example, have a significantly lower differential pressure, reducing energy costs in operation by up to 40% compared to other models. In addition, Delbag uses Nordic Air Filtration’s filter cartridges in its dust collectors, increasing uptime through improved dust removal.

In applications with high demands on air quality for employees and processes, such as in the food industry or various industrial processes, different filter efficiency grades and housing designs are necessary. The Delbag portfolio focuses on the development of pocket filters, compact filters and activated carbon filter cartridges as well as industrial extraction systems and air intake systems. Nordic Air Filtration concentrates on the development of static and pulse filter cartridges with a wide range of filter media. By consolidating this experience, customers will benefit from a full range of products from a single source.

Delbag’s existing locations in Herne, Germany; Liberec, Czechia (Czech Republic); and Lezennes, France, and Nordic Air Filtration’s facilities in Nakskov, Denmark; and Fujairah, United Arab Emirates will retain development and sales functions. Since October 2023, these are complemented by the new Filtration TechCenter in Münster, Germany which supports the group’s global development teams.