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Cleantech Invest increases investment in Sofi Filtration

Cleantech Invest has joined an investment round and increased its ownership of Sofi Filtration from 22% to 23.1%. Other investors also participated in the investment round.

Espoo, Finland-based Sofi Filtration has developed a self-cleaning filter that is able to treat large streams of water containing fine particle contamination, which are difficult to treat with traditional methods. The solution is fully automatic and as no change of filters is needed, there is minimal manual labour involved. The company says its solution has been successfully delivered to the mining industry and that tests in the energy industry with paying customers show very good results.

Alexander Lidgren, managing director of Cleantech Invest, said: "Sofi Filtration has found its star applications in mining and energy production. The company is already delivering its solutions to key target customers and is in a good position to grow."

Cleantech Invest recently expanded its energy efficiency portfolio by acquiring a 10% interest in Eagle Filters Oy, a Finnish provider of air filtration solutions that improve the efficiency and capacity of gas fired power plants.