CLARCOR Industrial Air introduces Mount Mist Collector

CLARCOR Industrial Air has introduced a new UAS Smog-Hog MSH-11 Compact Machine Mount Mist Collector as an extension to the existing MSH Series. The new UAS Smog-Hog MSH-11 delivers greater than 90% high filtration efficiency at 0.3 µm with single pass and 99% for double pass.

Life cycle cost advantages

• Lower motor energy consumption resulting from low airflow resistance • Variable speed controller to optimize airflow to match unique machining center requirements • Reusable filters versus media replacements and disposal costs • Mist-stop filter included in the product and the adjustable airflow will increase service intervals

This air filter also includes flexible configurations such as horizontal and vertical airflow direction (left to right and right to left), single or double pass filtration and a variety of options and accessories for convenient installation.