Cerahelix opens new manufacturing facility in Maine

Cerahelix's new facility in Bangor, Maine.
Cerahelix's new facility in Bangor, Maine.

Cerahelix has officially opened its new manufacturing facility in Bangor, Maine, USA.

The new facility is located in the Bangor Innovation Center, which supports small businesses during their ramp-up of production in their early growth stage. It includes a clean room and nano coating equipment for the production of Cerahelix’s PicoHelix ceramic filter.

“Bringing innovative products to market requires a strong team and the resources needed to transform scientific ideas into commercially successful products,” said Dr Susan MacKay, CEO of Cerahelix. “After building a strong research and development base at the Upstart Center in Orono, we are now investing in our future growth with the opening of this new manufacturing facility at the Bangor Innovation Center.”

“Our new manufacturing facility, situated in the Bangor Foreign Trade Zone and within close proximity to the airport, will allow Cerahelix to expand globally. Our R&D department, located in Orono, will be able to focus on continually improving our filtration products to meet market needs,” said James Hutchinson, Cerahelix production manager.

Founded in 2011, Cerahelix has combined DNA biotechnology and ceramic chemistry to create ceramic filters. The company’s PicoHelix filters have broad applications across many industries looking to reduce their carbon and water footprints.