Centrisys/CNP invests in new Engineering Innovation Lab

Centrisys/CNP has opened a new state-of-the-art Engineering Innovation Lab at its headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Inside Centrisys/CNP's new Engineering Innovation Lab.
Inside Centrisys/CNP's new Engineering Innovation Lab.

The cutting-edge facility is designed to enhance collaboration, streamline problem-solving, and foster innovation across all engineering departments.

The Engineering Innovation Lab was conceived as a hub for some of Centrisys/CNP’s brightest minds to come together from project inception to completion, ensuring swift response times and unified goals. The lab serves as a space for knowledge transfer and as a training ground for the next generation of engineers.

"The Engineering Innovation Lab is our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation,” said Josh Gable, director of sales, Centrisys/CNP. “It's more than a space; it's where our engineers will inspire each other to develop solutions that will benefit our customers and the environment."

Equipped with the latest technology, including advanced computer systems and SolidWorks software, the lab is not just about tools but about uniting mechanical, electrical, process, and application engineering departments. The lab features collaborative spaces such as drop-down areas, a spacious conference room, and a kitchen island designed to foster interaction and synergy.

From the upstairs lab space dedicated to mechanical, electrical, applications, and process engineering to the first floor's Projects team, the layout will help ensure seamless integration and access between teams, optimizing the execution of projects.

The Engineering Innovation Lab will support all Centrisys/CNP customers, enhancing response times, continuity, and innovation. The lab will cater to all engineering service needs, including product development, service, repair, and reverse engineering, facilitated through a collaborative approach.

Gable added: “While the Engineering Innovation Lab is a dynamic space that will evolve with the company’s needs and the industry’s challenges, it truly stands out as an investment in Centrisys/CNP’s sustainable growth. The lab aligns with the company’s organic growth, utilizing our existing pool of talented engineers with space to add more into the future.”