Cartridge filters improve semiconductor manufacture

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New cartridge filters from W L Gore & Associates.
New cartridge filters from W L Gore & Associates.

Gore says that expertise in ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) material and membrane technology has enabled it to engineer a family of filters that offer three times the flow rate of best-in-class filters without sacrificing particle retention.

The company says that GORE® filters enable semiconductor fabricators to realise both improved performance and lower cost of ownership. The drop-in substitution of GORE® filters can upgrade retention performance and reduce particle counts while maintaining desired flow rate, as well as enabling reduced processing times, higher flow rates and faster bath turnovers.

These filters are currently used by leading fabricators worldwide for ultrapure and DI facilities water. The company adds that they have reduced their total cost of filtration, improved water quality, and protected against upstream system upsets.

According to the company, for processors of high-purity bulk chemicals used in semiconductor fabrication and other microelectronics manufacturing processes, the use of GORE® filters has enabled improved product quality, increased production capacity and reduced cost of filtration for high viscosity fluids, acids, bases, solvents and specialty chemicals.