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CarboTech to exhibit at Biogas Americas

The CarboTech Group will once again be part of Biogas Americas - the largest biogas trade fair in North America taking place this year in Savannah, Georgia from 13–16 May.

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The advancing global energy transition is creating a high demand for energy alternatives, which in the case of biogas is also leading to a strong demand for activated carbon. This is because the use of activated carbon is essential to make biogas usable as a sustainable green energy source.

Activated carbon is used to remove hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, from biogas. During biogas upgrading, it also ensures that unwanted substances such as CO2 are removed and the biogas is upgraded to usable biomethane.

CarboTech offers its own product line for the biogas application area - made in Germany. The line includes all products that CarboTech recommends specifically for use in the biogas sector. Customers can choose between different properties and price segments.

Visit CarboTech at booth 416.