Camfil and partners set up Healthy Indoors Alliance

Camfil, Condair, Fagerhult and Swegon have formed the Healthy Indoors Alliance, a joint initiative to create a healthier, more productive indoor environment.

Image © okrasiuk -
Image © okrasiuk -

The four companies have expertise in filtration, ventilation, indoor climate control, lighting and humidification and want to raise awareness around the importance of a healthy and sustainable indoor environment.

The Healthy Indoors Alliance aims to improve the healthfulness, productivity and comfort of people in commercial, public and residential buildings. The website,, addresses the public, developers, trades, professionals, industry, science, and government institutions with the aim of educating, informing and raising awareness.

“We find that despite vast scientific evidence, both businesses and consumers know very little about the tremendous impact the indoor climate has on our health and productivity,” says Silvia Petroni, head of strategic marketing at Condair Group.

“Seeing people increasingly struggle with allergies and other health concerns attributable to their indoor environments, we thought it was time to explain and show how easy it is to remedy the situations,” says Mikael Börjesson, competence director of Swegon Group.

The Healthy Indoors Alliance wants to drive change and make it easy for everyone to take action to improve the indoor spaces in which they spend so much of their time.