BOT wastewater treatment plant start-up in South Iraq

Turbo4bio has announced the on schedule start-up of its 50,000 m3/day BOT wastewater treatment plant at the city of Kufa in South Iraq.

The company applied the latest state of the art technology of wastewater treatment and the largest so far with RBBR-turbo4bio. Total project cost, including one year operation of the plant before transfer to the city, is less than 440$/m3.

RBBR stands for ‘returned biomass bio reactor’, an advanced MBBR/IFAS process, where biomass carriers are moved in turbo reactors ensuring an attached growth process of biomass resulting in: optimal effluent parameters within a restricted footprint, and practically free of odor, sludge, clogging and maintenance; an overall smarter, cleaner and greener WWT process.

At Kufa’s STP, the RBBR process provides the ability to cope with fluctuating loads and conditions, while producing a consistently high quality final effluent. F&B Investment-Turbo4bio will provide operational management of the facility for the next year, guaranteeing continual performance and optimization of the system. F&B Investment through its Turbo4bio division provides advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets.

“The partnership with the An-Najaf city goes beyond meeting new regulatory requirements. It combines technical know-how with operational expertise to implement a solution which positively impacts the environment through guaranteed performance.” Said Hans H Badreddine, CEO Turbo4bio.

Improved system

The RBBR- Turbo4bio technology is an improved IFAS system where the continuous return (recycling) of biomass (RB) warrants full attached, growth with minimal sludge, we call it not ‘RAS’ but ‘RB’, and no significant odor production. Standard MBBR consists of a flow through/one pass system resulting in sludge (WAS) and odor production. MBBR technology was developed in the late 1980s and is now used around the world for both municipal and industrial applications which require a consistent high quality effluent together with a small footprint.

MBBR technology is based on fixed film technology, the key to the process being the scientifically designed suspended carrier media. Recently Turbo4bio has introduced the new T4b-BioChip media. With a protected specific surface area of over 3000 m2/m3, the shape and dimensions of this product offer significant benefits for both new and to be upgraded wastewater treatment plants.

The Turbo4bio -RBBR process is also being installed this spring by Metito sae in Egypt at the Citystar Sharm el Sheikh 750 hectare integrated development. This includes the largest sea water swimming pool in the world, 3000 m3 of wastewater will be treated daily.