Boll filter for ballast water filtration

Designed in response to the IMO requirements to treat ballast water, the Boll filter meets the tough demands of the marine environment, with robust construction of both the pressure vessel and internal working parts.

The Boll 6.18.3 filter has undergone extensive field testing since 2003 and the filter is now proven to deal with the challenges of organic marine infestation, effectively removing debris from seawater down to 50 micron to prevent fouling and enable the ballast water treatment system to kill any invasive aquatic organisms.

Based on the popular Boll 6.18.3 Filter design – used widely in land-based water and waste water treatment facilities for many years, including seawater filtration for power station cooling water systems – the Boll 6.18.3 filter incorporates a unique self-cleaning backflushing system to ensure effective, reliable operation with minimal maintenance. The Boll 6.18.3 filter element is flushed alternately at each end to further concentrate the cleaning efficiency.

The Boll 6.18.3 filter has a compact design and small footprint for convenient installation onboard and is capable of handling seawater flows of 250 to 3000 m3/hr.