BOKELA DYNO Filter for dynamic precoat filtration
with 10 m² filter area.

Dyno Bokela GmbH, German manufacturer of highly advanced filtration technologies presents the dynamic precoat filtration which is the latest process innovation with the Bokela Dyno Filter.

This new process combines cake forming filtration and crossflow filtration and is applied to completely recover solids from a suspension and to produce a particle-free filtrate.

Dynamic precoat filtration offers process solutions for difficult separation tasks e.g. with hot suspensions, suspensions containing solvents and/or fine particles where state-of-the-art technologies like membrane filters or centrifuges fail.

BOKELA HiBar Oyster Drum Filter.

Oyster With the Bokela HiBar Oyster Filter particularly finest particulate systems and/or very hot and pressurized suspensions from reactors can be filtered, excellently washed and demoistured.

The Bokela HiBar Oyster Filter of is an automatically and continuously operating pressure rotary filter with cake washing and optionally with steam pressure zone. It is especially designed for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and the life science industry. The Oyster filter is available as drum filter with filre sizes of 1 m² up to 13 m² filter area and as disc filter with up to 24 m² filter area. Maximum operation pressure ranges up to 16 bar while maximum process temperature ranges up to 200 °C.

The innovative and patented HiBar steam pressure filtration process enables an intensive cake washing and uniquely low cake moistures. This is all carried out continuously in a single process.

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