Bluewater Bio secures first sales of its HYBACS process in South Africa

Two of Bluewater Bio’s SMART (Shaft Mounted Advanced Reactor Technology) units, which drive the HYBACS process, will also be installed. The plant extension has been designed to treat 7,000 m³ per day, with the first phase extension being 3,500 m³ per day. The second phase of the extension is expected to follow once the municipality has secured the required budget. The plant will be owned and operated by the Victor Khanye Local Municipality.

Martie Janse van Rensburg, non executive chairperson of Headstream Water Holdings, said: “Bluewater Bio’s proven HYBACS technology is being recognised globally as an appealing option to alleviating issues of water shortage, providing high-quality effluent treatment, reducing capital and energy costs, and maximising the use of limited footprint at treatment facilities. Its ability to remove nutrients from wastewaters while delivering superior economics and energy savings when compared to conventional plants makes it a very suitable solution to the needs of sewage treatment in South Africa.”