Biwater provides RO system for US Marine Corps air station

Biwater Inc has shipped three 2.25 million gallon per day (MGD) reverse osmosis trains to support the Water Treatment Plant Replacement Project for the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in North Carolina, USA.

The new 6.75 MGD (25.5 MLD) reverse osmosis system will replace an older conventional water treatment system with Biwater’s advanced membrane technology to treat the brackish groundwater.

The source water to the plant is groundwater from a well field. The desalination reverse osmosis (RO) system will be followed by post treatment PTA degasification with chemical conditioning. A portion of the well water will bypass the membrane desalination process. The bypass line water will be treated using oxidation and conventional media filtration, prior to blending with RO permeate water.

The custom RO trains and accompanying equipment for this project were designed and assembled at Biwater’s factory in California, tested and then shipped semi-assembled to the site.