Berson UV wins Chinese award

Based on the Annual Satisfaction Index of Water Disinfection Equipment, it is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative and influential awards in the water treatment industry in China. Based in the Netherlands with installations worldwide, Berson is a leader in water disinfection technology. Its closed-vessel UV systems are now capable of treating water and wastewater flows as high as 8,000 m3/hour. The company manufactures UV disinfection systems for municipal drinking water, wastewater and reuse applications and is one of the few non-German UV system suppliers capable of providing a complete range of UV systems certified by the German DVGW norm, the highest standard currently possible in the world. The company’s UV systems are also certified by USEPA, NWRI and NSF. Commenting on the award, Mr. Mark Cui, Berson’s China Sales Manager, said: “With the improvement of water quality standards in China, the importance of UV disinfection for water treatment has become much more important. The technology now widely recognised within the industry and has become popular for waterworks renovation projects in China.”