Berson supplies UV disinfection technology to Ukraine

The Berson UV systems will disinfect effluent prior to its discharge into the Desna River.

“Disinfection is necessary to meet Ukrainian bathing water standards and also to prevent effluent with high microbial loads of pathogenic viruses, parasites and bacteria entering the Desna River, which is also the main water supply for many communities downstream, including Kiev,” said Chernihiv’s waterworks director, Sergey Shkin.

 “Chemical disinfection with chlorine was not an option as we wanted to avoid unpleasant disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and halogenated acetic acids (HAAs), which are produced when chlorine reacts with the organic compounds in wastewater,” he said.

UV disinfection is completely chemical-free, and produces no unpleasant by-products.

The  Chernihiv waterworks selected two Berson InLine 16000 systems, operating in parallel mode. Each UV chamber is equipped with 12 automatically-wiped medium pressure Multiwave UV lamps and can treat effluent at a flow rate of 2000 m3/h (4000 m3/h in total).  Because of the InLine design of the closed treatment chambers, they have low headloss and are also compact with a small overall footprint.