Berson UV-Tronic controller range for SCADA control systems

The UV-Tronic+ V5 from Berson is based on a rugged industrial PLC with an RS485-based Modbus interface and can control up to six UV disinfection chambers simultaneously. The controller can be programmed to calculate the required power setting depending on whether it is validated to DVGW*, UVDGM** or Berson’s default dose control settings. Software is currently being written which will also allow it to operate to NWRI*** parameters. The device can control conventional electro-magnetic ballast as well as Berson’s own electronic ballast. 

Features of the UV-Tronic+ V5 from Berson include greatly extended monitoring and control via Modbus, increased manual control functionality to ease maintenance and servicing, and the capacity to individually calibrate UV sensors when running in DVGW mode. A modem can also be used to provide remote monitoring and diagnosis and for software upgrades. 

When UV monitors on the inner wall of the UV chamber register a fall in the UV level, the UV-Tronic+ V5 is designed to trigger automatic wipers on the quartz sleeves protecting the UV lamps. The wipers remove any built-up deposits on the sleeves, ensuring uninterrupted protection against microbial contamination. A major benefit of automated wiping means no chemicals are required for cleaning, an especially important feature when it comes to drinking water disinfection.