Ballast water treatment system handles salt and fresh water

The DESMI Ocean Guard system, comprising 40 micron filtration, low pressure UV radiation and on-site generation of ozone injected into the water stream, has been successfully tested according to IMO requirements in salt, as well as fresh water. In addition, the power consumption needed fulfilled the expectations and was monitored under real conditions to be less than 11 kWh per 100 m³ treated ballast water.

DESMI Ocean Guard A/S believes that this is the first UV ballast water treatment system that has been successfully tested in fresh water, according to IMO requirements.

As a result of the experience gained during the land-based test DESMI Ocean Guard A/S can now offer a system that handles both seawater at all salinities and fresh water in accordance with the current requirements. The test has also shown that the system will be able to meet future requirements as well. As the treatment parameters for salt water and fresh water are very different, the system has on-line monitoring of the water salinity and automatically adjusts the treatment based on the water salinity.

The system is now undergoing tests on a ship and is expected to be fully approved and certified in early 2012.