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Automag Compact improves machining efficiency

The new development from Eclipse Magnetics is a high intensity automated magnetic filter which improves efficiency on small to medium sized precision metal machining processes such as grinding, honing, milling or super-finishing. The Automag Compact provides all the time-saving efficiencies of automated cleaning but with reduced investment costs in comparison to other high performance automated filtration systems. The company says that it is an affordable solution for OEM projects and can also be retro-fitted seamlessly into existing machining processes. Automag Compact has a high intensity magnetic circuit which extracts potentially damaging ferrous particles, down to sub-micron size, from industrial fluids such as lubricants and coolants. Payback is rapid with improved surface finish, reduced product rejects, increased fluid lifespan, reduced downtime and extended tool life being just some of the many benefits, claims Eclipse Magnetics. The automated cleaning function saves hours of maintenance time and ensures that production is not interrupted. A timed signal activates the cleaning process, the magnetic rods are withdrawn from the filter chambers and the ferrous contamination is purged to a tank or reclaim unit. The whole process takes approximately 10 seconds. Automag Compact can be supplied with an Eclipse ‘Skid fluid recovery system to ensure that the cleaned fluid is returned straight to the process.