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Atlas Copco spin-off to be named Epiroc

Epiroc was chosen after an evaluation of almost 1000 names. Epi is a prefix meaning “on” or “at” in Latin and Greek, while Atlas Copco says Roc signals stability and durability and that rock is one of the most important materials that the company works with.

“With Epiroc we have found a short, distinct and timeless name that is spot on for the mining and civil engineering business,” said Annika Berglund, Atlas Copco’s senior vice president Corporate Communications and Governmental Affairs.

Earlier this year, Atlas Copco announced that it was preparing a proposal to split the group into two companies. Atlas Copco will concentrate on industrial customers, while Epiroc will focus on mining and civil engineering.

Atlas Copco will propose the split at its 2018 Annual General Meeting.