Asahi Kasei launches membrane system to produce water for injection

Asahi Kasei has started selling a membrane system to produce WFI (water for injection), a type of sterile water that is used for the preparation of injections.

The membrane system was developed as an alternative to the conventional distillation processes for the production of WFI by leveraging system design and development capabilities of Asahi Kasei’s Microza hollow-fiber membrane for water treatment and filtration of liquid products. By reducing the need to generate steam, this system enables lower CO2 emissions and lower costs in the production of WFI.

The WFI membrane system is based on steam-sterilizable ultrafiltration (UF) membranes for water treatment that have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

By facilitating a transition from the traditional distillation processes to the membrane filtration processes, Asahi Kasei expects that the new system will allow its customers to reduce CO2 emissions while producing a stable supply of safer WFI for the pharmaceutical industry.