Anglian Water expands transformative AI technology trial

Norwegian digital analytics company, InfoTiles, is expanding its AI-driven technology trial with Anglian Water, moving from a successful 24-site pilot to a 100-site proof of concept programme.

The team at InfoTiles visit a water recycling plant at Anglian Water
The team at InfoTiles visit a water recycling plant at Anglian Water

The collaboration aims to use artificial intelligence to manage approximately 317 biofilters, pumps, and valves, enhancing operational visibility and asset management decision-making.

The extended partnership with Anglian Water focuses on integrating InfoTiles' technology, facilitating better-informed decision-making and prioritising maintenance for water recycling assets. The scale-up involves measuring approximately 483 data points across selected water recycling centres.

Pilot Scope

InfoTiles' software, effective across diverse sites, initially monitored biofilter performance and sludge levels over a 12-month pilot, leveraging machine learning to predict potential issues. The platform's strength lies in visualising process data to anticipate failures in wastewater treatment.

Proactive troubleshooting

The successful pilot showcased 14 machine-learning models identifying deviations, with four selected for further development. Anglian Water aims to proactively troubleshoot potential problems, deploying maintenance teams efficiently by continually assessing asset health.

InfoTiles' Chief Product Officer, Adam Wood, said: “Working with the operations team at Anglian Water has given us critical feedback to improve our platform and its ability to give operations teams actionable insights. A key learning has been the development of methods to leverage the data our utility customers already have available, which is important when considering relevance to assets in use throughout the UK.” 

Moving to implementation

As the collaboration progresses, InfoTiles will work closely with Anglian Water to adapt preventative maintenance processes, onboard data scientists, and transfer knowledge. The pilot's success emphasises the value of water utilities partnering with technology companies to address sector challenges.

Innovation adoption

The collaboration, facilitated by WaterStart, connects Anglian Water and InfoTiles through a US-based membership platform. Mark Stirling from Anglian Water, said: "Anglian Water is so proud to be involved in the success of the pilot programme, which will transform the way we manage our water recycling sites.”

Nathan Allen, Executive Director at WaterStart, said: “InfoTiles has proven the feasibility of its technology with Anglian Water and WaterStart is thrilled to support the company’s continued expansion into the UK water sector. Effective data management is a global challenge for water utilities, and it is exciting to see the outcomes of the pilot and the scalability among our global membership base.”