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Andritz tailors decanter centrifuges for industrial oil recovery

Andritz has enhanced its range of three phase decanter centrifuges for oil recovery in the most challenging industrial applications.

An Andritz decanter centrifuge for industrial oil applications.
An Andritz decanter centrifuge for industrial oil applications. - Image © Andritz.

The Andritz three phase decanter centrifuges are not only capable of separating liquid from solid but also liquids with different densities like oil and water. The machines have now been further developed and tailored to the recovery of high purity oil from tainted sources such as slop and crude oil, lake, lagoon or tank cleaning and API separator sludge. This is part of Andritz’s commitment to conserve resources and protect the environment in partnership with its customers.

For oil and gas applications, the Andritz decanter centrifuge range includes both ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 machines. This makes them suitable for use in plants where an explosive atmosphere may occur during normal operations. Machine housing seals can be supplied as gas-tight, flame and explosion-proof versions up to Pabs < 1.5 bar featuring a labyrinth seal system with three or more rings. Zone 1 versions have a design capacity of up to 12 m3/hr while Zone 2 designs can achieve flow rates of up to 40 m3/hr.

The heavy-duty, robust machines are designed for an extended lifespan with top-of-the-range materials such as ceramic or tungsten carbide deposition tiles and nozzles to prevent erosion, as well as options for additional coatings using flame deposition techniques if required. Low vibration levels, cleaning in place (CIP) capability and oil-lubricated conveyor bearings contribute to ease of maintenance.

Operating costs are reduced using patented TurboJet weir plates which yield power savings in the range of 10–30% depending on operating conditions. An optimized feed system, the GentleFeeder, reduces turbulences to minimize disruption of oil droplets, which results in better separation, a dryer product, and improved process results. The process performance is further improved with the adjustable pond depth and automated control system.

Andritz supplies single decanter centrifuges, skid-mounted units and complete plants suitable for use at pressures from 0 to 8 bar, across a temperature range of -90°C to +200°C and with sizes from 200 to 1,400mm in diameter.