Amiad awarded US$2.85m Korean steel project

This agreement is worth US$2.85m and is expected to be implemented in 2012. It follows the successful completion of the initial two phases of the project, valued at approximately US$3m, that were carried out between 2007 and 2011.As part of the project, Amiad will install its microfibre filtration system to treat wastewater and protect the factory’s reverse osmosis membranes. The microfibre filtration process is chemical and polymer-free, and designed to provide continuous performance even under difficult water and weather conditions. It enables Amiad to offer finer filtration that meets the standards set by membrane manufacturers, the standard for drinking water, such as the British DWI, and standards for tertiary treatment of wastewater. It can help save energy and space, and reduce the need for rinse water and maintenance. “We are pleased to be continuing to provide innovative solutions to the Korean industrial sector, something we have been doing since 1993, and to be strengthening our position in the provision of reverse osmosis membrane protection – one of our key growth areas,” said Arik Dayan, CEO of Amiad Water Systems.