Ambienta makes €16mn investment in Amplio Filtration

The Ambienta investment will help to accelerate Amplio Filtration’s strategy to grow revenues to €100 million by 2014. Ambienta will also support Amplio Filtration Group in selecting the most valuable acquisition targets for its buy and build strategy.

Amplio Filtration Group was founded in mid 2009 by the holding company Amplio Partners, a London-based investment company run by entrepreneurs Riccardo Segat and Andrea Davi, with the aim of consolidating the fragmented water treatment and filtration process sector.

To date, Amplio Filtration has acquired four companies: the US-based Envirogen Technology Inc; UK-based Puresep Filtration Technologies Ltd and Environmental Water Systems; and Italy-based Fluxa Filtri SpA.

Amplio Filtration is currently delivering double digit growth with revenues of €35 million expected in 2011.

“Ambienta’s investment marks an important step in Amplio Group’s successful growth story, as we continue to consolidate our operational and financial capabilities in the environmental services sector as a whole. Amplio Group’s strategic focus over the next five years will remain renewable energy and water treatment, which complements Ambienta’s commitment to these sectors globally,” said Riccardo Segat, CEO of Amplio Partners.

“Over the last three years we have looked at a number of investment opportunities in the sector without finding the right balance of leadership capability, strategic focus and geographic mix. Amplio Filtration offers all these characteristics. Over the next three years, Ambienta will work with management on identifying and acquiring complementary businesses with the objective of creating a strategic player on the market,” said Mauro Roversi, partner of Ambienta SGR.