Alfa Laval to launch new cost calculation tool for decanters at IFAT

The tool uses maintenance, repair and operational costs (MRO) data to calculate total cost structure of running operations. After conducting a cost calculation, Alfa Laval experts sit down with customers and analyze the data thoroughly, applying their knowledge and expertise to identify improvement opportunities. Based on the data, Alfa Laval says its experts can identify and implement measures to optimize performance of the customers’ decanters to improve cake dryness and decrease polymer consumption. Subsequent suggestions for improvements can range from a simple fine-tuning of the decanter’s settings to the establishment of maintenance programs or equipment upgrades. In cases where the detailed analysis of results reveals unusually high consumption of energy, polymer costs or other running costs, Alfa Laval offers in-depth monitoring services to investigate these anomalies. For example, a Condition Audit to study the mechanical condition of the equipment, or a Performance Audit to quantify how the actual performance of the equipment. Both these services provide the customer with fact-based insights and indications on how to improve performance.