Air cleaner redesign reduces health risks

The Dustcontrol mobile extractor range has been modified to improve its extraction capabilities, allowing greater flexibility with the inclusion of a newly designed filter designed to cut the risk of dust being released during the course of changing the filter, whilst also allowing for an additional hose attachment.

“By innovating and updating we can lessen the potential impact of dust, which will improve the safety of the workforce in industries where dust poses a threat to workers’ health,” said Dustcontrol UK general manager James Miller.

The DC Air Cube 1200 and the DC Air Cube 2000 are the models that have been redesigned. The front filter now involves a 315mm inlet that sits alone, with a cartridge filter inside while the remaining sides are now made of stainless steel.

Changing the filter is now much easier with less risk of releasing hazardous dust. The new design also allows a hose or duct to be attached to the inlet, making it more versatile.

“Versatility is another big bonus when working in hard to access areas. The redesign means it is possible to extract dust from places where the machine itself can’t go,” added Miller.