Ahlstrom offers long-lasting water filter media

Ahlstrom supports the water purification market and contributes to the availability of clean water by launching a new water filtration solution for enhanced particulate removal in pre-filtration applications.

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The new filter material can be used as a stand-alone or as a complement to the existing Ahlstrom Disruptor and Hollytex ranges.

The new pre-filter is suitable for both residential and industrial uses. It removes contaminants such as rust, sand, and other debris that may end up in water pipelines, ensuring the highest quality of water. The pre-filter delivers superior performance and quality consistency when used as a pleated filter design.

Engineered for durability, it can extend the filter lifespan and reduce the frequency of filter replacements. This not only contributes to cost savings but can also help minimise environmental impacts.

“This new pre-filter further expands our water purification range and shows our commitment to our purpose to Purify and Protect with Every Fiber for a Sustainable World.  We can offer a more complete selection of filter media for customers who are looking for enhanced particulate removal,” says Clas Läck, Head of Liquid Filtration. “We will continue our dedicated efforts towards providing safe and sustainable water purification materials to address the global water quality challenge,” he continues.