Ahlstrom adds new laminator

Ahlstrom adds that the media will be used for advanced filtration applications such as hydraulic, high-efficiency and industrial air.The new laminator can utilise a variety of adhesives, such as polyurethane, copolymers and polyamides. The machine can handle many different types and sizes of substrates. In addition to wetlaid paper or glass, the laminator can process meltblown media, spunbond scrims, plastic mesh, or metal wires. The adhesive can be applied to either side of a structure, and the coating weight can be adjusted.According to Ahlstrom, these flexible features allow the manufacture of high-performance composites with optimum physical integrity, for good processing performance, as well as minimum pressure drop. Specifically, the minimal amount of adhesive and the particular adhesive pattern help to achieve optimum air flow and maximum dust holding capacity.Ahlstrom adds that In hydraulic filtration applications, the construction of laminated multilayer media will offer good added value. Traditionally, hydraulic filters consist of a 6-layer construction, including a pre-filter micro-glass media, a fine-filtration micro-glass media, spunbond scrims and wire mesh protection on both upstream and downstream side. These layers are individually fed and loosely co-pleated, which makes a pleating process difficult and slow, and causes a lot of material waste and potential for defects. For the manufacture of high-performance hydraulic filters, Ahlstrom says that its ready laminated combination media will allow much simpler processing, offering cost savings and waste reduction.