Active Membranes secures seed funding to accelerate desalination technology development

Active Membranes, a developer of award-winning electrically-conducting membranes used in desalination, has closed an initial round of seed funding to further develop its technology.

Image © lovelyday12 - Adobe Stock.

This investment will enable Active Membrane’s further corporate growth, technology scale-up, and commercialization, as well as the execution of several extended field pilot tests, all of which are co-funded by various US federal and state government agencies.

The funding round includes investments from Natural Ventures, Echo River Capital, and Pacifica Water Solutions, one of Active Membranes' co-founders.

Based in California, Active Membranes brings a different approach to desalination membrane technology. Its membranes utilize the company’s patented technology that incorporates tunable electrical potential into a spiral wound desalination membrane module to make it actively resistant to scaling and fouling during the desalination process.

With their anti-scaling, anti-fouling properties, these membranes require minimal pre-treatment and minimal usage of chemicals and consumables. They also operate at a higher recovery rate and significantly simplify operation. This results in a much lower footprint, lower capital costs, and reduced operating costs.

“Active Membranes is innovating the future of fresh water by redefining the technology used in reverse osmosis membrane desalination for both seawater and brackish water applications,” said Arian Edalat, co-founder and CEO of Active Membranes. “This round of funding enables us to further refine our revolutionary technology and accelerate its commercialization.”

“Active Membranes takes a novel approach to desalination, augmenting membrane technology with unique characteristics that allow for efficient scaling. This investment underscores Natural Ventures' commitment to supporting innovative solutions that address critical challenges in water resource management and sustainability," said Dr Benjamin Tam, operating partner, Natural Ventures.

"Active's unique electrically conducting coating will reduce the costs of water desalination among the existing installed base of reverse osmosis plants around the world," said Peter Yolles, managing partner of Echo River Capital. "This will fulfill Echo River's mission of innovating decentralized water treatment and satisfy our contribution towards SDG 6 – fresh drinking water for all."