Acquisition to expand global markets

The new executive management team includes Islam Nahdi as president, Wessel van Tonder as chief executive officer, and Bill O’Connell as executive vice-president. AXI founder, Wout Lisseveld will continue as a consultant to the company, focusing on international business development.As a result of the acquisition, AXI International says that it will be able to expand its worldwide markets and distribution channels greatly – with a particular focus on central Africa where poor fuel quality has challenged progress and economic development. Beyond central Africa, AXI International Holdings will expand its present fuel distribution network, while developing and enhancing new markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India, Australia, and Europe. “I see a very bright future for AXI International with a great opportunity at hand for growth. Our mission is to bring optimal quality fuel to every corner of the globe,” said Wessel van Tonder, AXI’s chief executive officer.