20% wastewater growth in Brazil

This is as the Brazil government plans to invest more than US$25 billion on water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, says Nuno Branco, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.  

The main objective of the investment is to enhance the level of drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment services in regions lacking these basic provisions.

Brazil has a population of about 192 million and a GDP of around US$1.3 trillion, with a fast growing economy at a rate of 5.4% per annum. The country has the largest reservoir of fresh water in the world – about 12%. However, about 80% of the fresh water is found in the Amazonian region in the north of Brazil, where only 5% of the population lives. 95% of Brazilians live with only 20% of the country’s water resources.

“The Brazilian water & wastewater market is highly attractive and offers strong growth potential particularly in the medium to long term,” says Branco. “The significant investments planned on upgrading particularly the wastewater treatment infrastructure is bound to offer both opportunities for equipment suppliers, process engineering and contracting firms.”